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Best Epilator for a Brazilian

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Summer is here, the sun is out and holidays are back. Let’s talk about hair removal for bikini lines and of course Brazilians!

In this article, we’re going to look at the best epilator for a Brazilian – but if you’re not quite ready to commit to a Brazilian – check out our best epilators for bikini line hair removal here.

If you’re ready to jump right in and are looking for the very best brazilian epilator that you can use for full body epilation too, check out our best overall recommendation below.

Braun Silk éPil 9 – Best All-Round Body Epilator for a Brazilian

You’ll probably already know the difference between bikini line hair removal and a Brazilian but just in case…the former is anything outside the bikini line (or from a little bit inside to be thorough), and a Brazilian is everything off except for a landing strip.

What a lot of people don’t know is that you can use an epilator to get rid of any unwanted hair from this area. It’s a lesser-known method than waxing or shaving, and there are always plenty of questions on the how and the why.

So let’s dive straight into this complete guide for using an epilator for a Brazilian.

What to Look For in An Epilator for a Brazilian

You may be coming into this with personal preferences on epilators. Many people have tried-and-tested favorites. Some opt for elite technology, and some focus on aesthetics and design.

But when it comes to shopping specifically for a suitable device for the bikini-zone there are a few more things you need to take into account.

Size matters here!

Many high-end epilation devices are marketed on the merits of their head size. These epilators are good if your plan is to double up and use them on other body parts. For Brazilian purposes, you’ll want something narrower, or something that comes with a narrow cap. This gives you infinitely more control when targeting trickier areas.

Corded or Cordless – Important to Consider

Some people prefer corded epilators so they don’t have to worry about charging them up or getting caught out with no power.

But, for the purposes of Brazilian epilation, it makes sense to choose a product without a cord. This means fewer restrictions on where you can use it, and let’s face it, giving yourself a Brazilian is not something you can do standing in the middle of your living room!

Which Epilator is Best for Pubic Hair?

To help you figure out your perfect match, we’ve compiled a list of the best epilators for a brazilian here:


Braun Silk-Epil 5 Epilator With Trimmer – Best Epilator and Shaver for a Brazilian

braun silk epil 5 with bikini trimmer

The Braun Silk-epil 5 is one of the most affordable Braun epilators, allowing you to buy into high-quality technology without having to part with too much cash at the start of your epilating journey. It comes with a bikini trimmer, which is convenient, but maybe not an essential accessory if you’re planning to get rid of all your pubic hair.

It comes with two epilating caps: a standard skin-contact cap, and a beginner cap. The beginner cap comes with a row of small plastic teeth along the bottom, which is fantastic for picking up shorter hairs, and hair in less accessible areas. The Silk-epil 5’s rubber handle is also good for improved grip which lends confidence, especially as you can use it in the shower. Being a wet and dry epilator, you don’t have to worry about cords and plugs.

It also includes a trimmer comb which is a perfect addition for comfortable epilation. Epilating long hair hurts!

The epilation head itself has a built-in massager to make the whole experience as comfortable as possible. Overall, this is a good investment and can be used not only for a brazilian but also if you plan on using an epilator for your whole body.

Get More Info Here

Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair REmoval Epilator – Most Comfortable Epilator for a Brazilian

The Philips Satinelle Advanced Epilator is of a similarly high quality to the Braun épil 5 but has an entirely different aesthetic. It’s slim rather than chunky, and sleeker in design. It has a slimline handle that makes it really easy to hold and maneuver instead of the rubber type panels.

Its caps are also more streamlined, with a specific precision attachment for hair removal in the bikini zone. If you are only interested in an epilator for a Brazilian, the included caps won’t matter much. The sensitive cap however is particularly narrow, allowing you to target smaller areas of hair growth without accidentally verging over the line – (great for shaping).

Philips has used unique ceramic plates in this epilator which are designed to be gentle on the skin. Many reviewers have described it as one of the most comfortable epilating experiences they’ve had. Additionally, it is a cordless epilator, so can be used wet or dry.

Get More Info and Read Reviews

Emjoi eRase e60 With Shaver – Best Emjoi Epilator for a Brazilian

For such a tiny epilator – the Emjoi eRase 60 packs a lot of features, not to mention power.

One of the most notable features is the dual opposed rotating heads, which help pull the skin taut as you epilate. The beauty of this design is that it aids in minimizing pain and is to be welcomed by nervous newbies. It also aids with fast epilation as the two heads can cover a large surface area making this a clever and convenient device for epilating a full Brazilian.

The Emjoi range is lesser-known in the world of beauty technology as compared with Braun or Philips, none-the-less, they do produce seriously powerful devices. The Emjoi eRase 60 contains 60 tweezer discs, where most brands like Phillips and Braun only feature 30 or 40.

This epilator also claims to remove hairs as short as 0.3mm where 0.5mm is as low as many other epilators on the market can go. The advantage of this is that you can tackle your hair removal anytime you want. You don’t need to wait to have to grow out unwanted body hair.

The Emjoi eRase 60 is a very affordable epilator, lower in price than the leading manufacturer’s models but not the cheapest you can find. This is a solid, “bang for your buck” epilator that delivers reliable results and should last you a long time.

Check out the video below to see the Emjoi eRase 60 in action – ** use on dry skin only ** as its corded. Will not suit if your epilating spot is not close to a power outlet.

Emjoi eRase 60 Epilator Demo

Epilady Speed Corded Epilator – Best Cheap Epilator for a Brazilian

epilady red and white epilator

At just 4 inches high, the independent epilator brand Epilady lends itself perfectly to bikini-zone hair removal. There’s no need to fiddle about with attachments as the standard head is perfect for the smaller and more intimate areas.

With just 40 tweezers, the Epilady Speed is light-weight and easy to hold and use. It also has a slow speed setting, which you may find easier and more approachable if you’re just beginning.

This is a straightforward and practical product. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles offered by more mainstream models, but its simplicity allows it to stay at a wallet-friendly price we’re sure you’ll be happy with.

The only downside to this epilator (if its a downside for you) is that it’s a corded device. You’ll need to sit near a power source to epilate as you can’t use it in the shower or bath.

The Epilady Speed is a great “test run” or gateway option for those that want to experiment with epilating without a big cost at the outset.

Amazon have got a nice comparison with similar products here – scroll to the bottom of the page to check it.

Epilating vs Waxing Pubic Hair

Although the process is slightly different, both methods are doing the same thing in removing hair from the root. The big difference is how the hairs are gripped and pulled. Both methods do share some similarities –

  1. Both epilating and waxing remove the whole hair shaft, rather than severing it above the surface like shaving does
  2. Both hair removal methods provide long-lasting results, usually around three to four hair-free weeks
  3. Both enable the hair to grow back finer, softer and slower.

Is Epilating or Waxing More Painful

While the physical mechanic of pubic hair removal is not that different, the notable differences between epilating and waxing lie with the experience. This is one of the most sensitive areas in the body so you will feel some level of pain or discomfort.

For starters, epilating is slower, requiring you to roll the device over the area, whereas waxing removes sections in a flash.

Which method you prefer will likely depend on your pain tolerance. Waxing is probably as high as you can get on the hair-removal pain scale; epilating is lower, but takes more time. Some people find epilation easier to deal with because it’s a less speedy, less intense process that’s a lot easier to control.

With waxing, you’ve just got to breathe and rip off the waxing strip just like a bandaid! With epilating, you can try different areas and pressures, and take your time if you prefer.

When it comes to the pain factor between the two methods, the short answer is, you might still feel some discomfort with epilating, but it’s spread out, on a lesser scale, and it’s a bit less of a shock!

The Benefits of Epilating – What Epilating Can Do That Waxing Can’t

In the epilating vs waxing debate, there’s one trump card that epilating will always have: the shortness of hair you’re able to work with.

If you’re a regular waxer, you’ll know the annoyance of that final week where your hair is getting noticeably long, but you can’t remove it, as it needs to be at least ¼ inch long, or roughly two weeks’ growth from the last time you removed it, for the wax to be able to stick to it.

An epilator allows you to remove hairs just millimeters short – some as short as 0.1. Try turning up at a waxing appointment with hair that short and see what the technician says!

Competition aside, epilators and wax don’t need to be enemies. In fact, they make a great pair. Waxing is a quick and easy way to rid intimate areas of all hair – especially easy if you’re paying someone else to do it. But keeping appointments is time-consuming, and booking them monthly gets expensive. You can use an epilator to substantially extend time between waxes, by using them to tidy up between appointments.

If you can get by with doing most of the bikini area yourself with an epilator at home, you’ll be able to visit your waxing salon for a full Brazilian much less frequently.

As both procedures work to weaken the hair follicles, as time goes on, you should be able to space out your appointments more and more, and save money in the long run.

Can You Use an Epilator for a Brazillian?

It is completely possible to use an epilator for a full Brazillian but be advised, pulling pubic hair by the root can hurt – a lot! The pubic area is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. There are more nerve endings the further in you go from your bikini line/inner thighs, so this is always the most painful area.

One concern a lot of people have is about the safety of epilating pubic hair and if it is safe to do so.

Rest assured you can totally epilate pubic hair but as we’ve mentioned, the pubic area is very sensitive so there will be a level of pain involved.

Each person is different. Some will be more sensitive than others, some will struggle more with rashes, bumps or ingrown hairs, and some have much thicker or denser hair.

The two most important points to remember to ensure your safely and that you won’t have any difficulties when epilating –

  • Always follow the manufacturers instructions – for example some epilators can pinch the skin if not held correctly
  • Good skin preparation – for example exfoliate beforehand

If your skin rarely reacts to cosmetic products, strain or friction, it shouldn’t be too challenging.

How To Use an Epilator on Pubic Hair

There are some tips and tricks that can be carried over from other hair removal methods – if you’re familiar with waxing, you might just recognise these…

Take a painkiller an hour before. Taking a paracetamol 30-60 minutes before epilating can really take the edge off the pinch.

Pull the skin taut. This stretches and enlarges the follicle that holds the hair, easing the path outwards with minimal friction.

Find your speed. It’ll take some practice to find your perfect pressure and speed, but as you get more confident, each session will get quicker.

Have tweezers on standby: If you get to areas that are difficult to reach or too sensitive, don’t be afraid to stop and pick up a pair of tweezers to individually remove hairs. You’ll see professional waxers use this method.

One thing you can’t transfer across from waxing is using moisture to dull the pain – epilating in a warm bath or shower can often be a more soothing experience.

Hold a cold pack on the skin after epilating to soothe any redness.

Remember – there’s no shame in quitting: So you’ve paid out for an epilator, you went in with confidence, but you’re not loving it and want to stop. That’s really okay! Don’t push through if it’s causing you discomfort or stress.

You’ll have better luck starting on less sensitive areas like the legs, and doing small bits at a time. And don’t write it off completely. Try again next week. You and your skin will get used to it with time.

Final Thoughts on the Best Epilator for a Brazilian

For quality and effectiveness, you can always rely on Braun for professional-level epilating at home. But there are lots of great models out there depending on your specific needs.

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Best Epilator For Bikini Line AND Our Top Tips for Epilating Your Bikini Area!

Hair removal by epilation is still something of a question mark for many. Even more so when it comes to epilating your bikini area.

Unlike razors and hair removal cream, it’s not immediately obvious what an epilator is, how it works, or what it feels like. It’s sometimes met with squeals and grimaces, notorious as it is for being on the more “ouchie” end of the pain spectrum.

But fear not! This comprehensive guide is designed to demystify epilation.

We’ll also guide you to reviews on the best epilators for bikini line, and share our top tips to make epilating your bikini area a breeze.

Our Best Epilator For Bikini Line List







Braun Silk épil 9 SensoSmart Wet and Dry Epilator with Attachments

Best Overall Epilator For Bikini Line - Full Body

  • Wider head

  • Shaver, trimmer, epilator

  • Use wet or dry


Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Total Body Epilator

Best CHEAP Epilator for Bikini Line

  • 22 ultra-precise tweezers

  • Sensitive area attachment

  • Suits Face OR Body


Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator For Women

Best Bikini Epilator with Skin Care System

  • 4-in-1 epilator system

  • Wet or dry epilator

  • Unique ceramic disks


Braun Silk épil 5 Epilator For Women With Bikini Trimmer

Best Bikini Epilator for Sensitive Skin

  • Massage cap - less pain

  • Great for beginners

  • Bikini trimmer included

What Is An Epilator?

Epilators look a lot like razors, but they actually hold rollers of tiny tweezers that rotate across your skin. They work exactly like singular tweezers, pulling hairs out at the root. Except in this case, there are multiple tweezers, pulling out multiple hairs at a time. 

For More Detailed Info – What is an Epilator and How Does it Work

Should You Epilate Your Bikini Line? Is It Safe?

If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to use an epilator on your bikini area, consider how it compares to plucking. Think of epilation as a supercharged form of plucking.

You can easily and safely pluck stray hairs in the bikini area, so similarly, you can use an epilator effectively here too.

Make sure you have a suitable device and take good care during the process.

You might find it more painful than other areas, but many women find it gets much more comfortable each time they do it. The key is to relax!

What Are The Benefits of Epilating Your Bikini Area?

If you can get past the pinch of plucking, there are tons of benefits to using an epilator versus, say, a razor or hot wax.

  • First off, you can expect hair-free skin for 3-4 weeks, as opposed to the paltry 1-3 days offered by razors.  Nobody likes stubble, especially in sensitive areas where underwear or tight trousers can constrict and chafe.
  • With epilation, hairs grow back with much finer and softer tips. The result is no stubble, razor rash or bumpy, irritated skin. It will feel smoother to the touch, and the results will last much longer. Also a huge helper for those prone to ingrown hairs.
  • Another advantage is cost. Although you’ll have to spend between $40-200 on an epilator at the outset, you won’t have to buy new razors or creams every week or keep up expensive salon appointments.

This, combined with the growth-reducing effects of epilating, means that once it’s paid for, it starts paying for itself.

Is it Painful to Epilate Your Bikini Line?

We won’t pretend epilation is totally pain-free. As with all hair removal methods that pull hair from the root (like plucking and waxing), you will feel it. How much will depend on your pain tolerance and your technique.

That’s really the catch! Shaving and hair removal creams are painless because they only sever the top of the hair, leaving the root behind (which can cause stubble).

Epilation pulls out the entire hair, including the root. A whole new growth cycle will have to begin before hair starts appearing again. That’s why epilation provides hair-freedom for much longer.

Another good thing is that epilators remove several hairs at a time.

So although using a bikini epilator won’t be painless, it should be quick. Of course, there are a few things you can do to make epilating your bikini area more comfortable.

See our Epilator Tips for Bikini Line section below.

Is Epilating the Bikini Area Effective?

Epilation is all about the angles. If your hair is the right length (see Tips for more on this), and you’re using the right setting, there is no reason an epilator shouldn’t give fantastic results AND leave your bikini line smooth and hair-free.

Of course, you will need a decent epilator too!

What’s the Difference Between Hair Removal on Bikini Line and a Brazilian?

If you’ve ever visited a waxing salon, you may have seen offers for ‘Bikini wax’, ‘Brazilian wax’, and ‘Hollywood wax’. The same principles can be applied to all types of hair removal in the bikini zone.

Bikini line, most obviously, refers to the hair that would sit outside the line of your bikini bottom, e.g. the hair that extends outwards to your inner thighs.

‘Extended bikini’ hair removal goes a little further in, perhaps a centimeter or so, for extra assurance that no hair will be visible past that line.

A Brazilian is where all of the pubic hair is removed from the area, except a small strip (sometimes referred to as a ‘landing strip’) at the top of the pubis. A Hollywood, put simply, is all off – not a hair in sight.

Can I Use an Epilator for a Full Brazilian?

It’s not easy to find a straight yes or no to the question of whether you can use an epilator for pubic hair or to be more precise, one to remove every single hair from the pubic area. The answer will depend on a few factors: the type of device you’re using, the size, and your level of expertise.

Technically speaking, there’s no reason you can’t epilate all pubic hairs in the bikini area.

It will, however, need to be done with a lot of care and will definitely be one of the more painful areas to epilate because its such a sensitive area. As with many things of this nature, practice makes perfect.

Epilate Inbetween Waxing

One option you might like to consider is to attend a salon for full waxes and epilate in between. This can hugely prolong the time you can leave between waxing appointments.

Some ladies leave it to the pros to banish every single hair in a waxing session and then use an epilator at home to tidy up in between. Usually, waxing appointments are needed once a month, but this method could extend that to two or even three.

Overall, using this method, you can save yourself some money with fewer salon appointments, and equally important is the added convenience of a smoother bikini area from home.

What to Look For in The Best Bikini Epilator – Buying Guide

The main things to look for, and the features that make the best epilator for bikini line hair removal, are comfort and ease of use.

The pubic area is extremely sensitive so anything that helps with having a more comfortable experience is really important.

While you’re concentrating on targeting the hairs, the last thing you need is a heavy, clunky epilator that makes your arms ache. You also don’t want to be fussing with a tangled wire while you’re perching on the bed or the edge of your bath (it could get dangerous!), so a cordless device can be a great option, especially for beginners.

It is possible to get epilators that are waterproof, giving you the additional advantage of bath or shower use. Wet epilation can be much more comfortable especially starting out.

Lastly, check the epilator head. A smaller head is a bonus, especially when dealing with tricky areas. Larger heads are good for ‘wide plains’ like legs or arms. Smaller heads are better for those harder to reach places and sensitive areas like the bikini line.


Before you purchase a bikini epilator, make sure that what you intend to buy is actually an epilator. There are several bikini trimmers and shavers that crop up once you start searching but these types of devices will not remove hair from the root. Sometimes you may have to read reviews so it’s clear.

Epilating Bikini Line Tips

Before switching on your epilator and going gong-ho at your pubic hair, it can be quite beneficial to check out a few tips beforehand.

Forearmed is forewarned as they say and bearing the following in mind will give you the best way to epilate your bikini line.

  • Always exfoliate the skin before beginning. This gives the epilator a clear path to pick up hair.
  • If your device is cordless, make sure it’s fully charged. You don’t what to have to stop halfway through the process.
  • As to how to use an epilator for bikini area, pull the skin taut, just how you would for plucking or waxing. This stretches the follicles, allowing hairs to come out with minimal resistance.
  • Hold the epilator at about a 90-degree angle to your skin to allow the tweezers access and grab the hairs.
  • If the skin looks red afterward, you can cool it with cold water. Apply a soothing balm or aloe vera gel to help your skin bounce back
  • It’s always best to epilate the night before so that any redness dies down by morning

Tips for Pain Reduction

If you’re a first-timer, you’re probably interested in how to epilate your bikini line without pain! Try tweezing one or two hairs from the area you wish to epilate first. This will give you a good sense check on how much it’ll hurt.

The shorter the hair, the milder the pull will be. The hair needs to have some length in order to be picked up, but with some epilators, you can go as short as 0.5mm. If you leave hair longer, you’ll feel the “pluck” more intensely. 

For this reason, it’s handy to have a bikini trimmer. You can trim down before epilating to make the process easier and less painful. Tackling hair that is not too long is really the best way to epilate the bikini area.

Although dry-epilation is generally regarded as more efficient, water won’t inhibit the process. Warm water can open pores and relax muscles. A hot bath or shower prior to epilating can make the experience a bit more comfortable.

You can also get cordless, waterproof epilators that allow you to wet-epilate in the bath or shower. These are particularly suited to nervous newbies but they really are down to personal preference.

Best Epilator for Bikini Line Reviews 2020 – Top 4

We;ve talked about epilating your bikini area and shared our top tips for helping to make it as comfortable as possible.

Now we’ll share the best epilators for your bikini line that will help to keep you smoother and hair-free for longer!

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Total Body Epilator – Best Cheap Epilator For Bikini Line

Starting with something a little more “out there”, the Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies epilator is a disc-shaped little number than fits in the palm of your hand. It’s small but contains 22 ultra-precise rotating tweezers.

This is ideal for the bikini area – in this region, the fewer tweezers, the better. The special sensitive attachment can be removed if you wish to epilate other areas.

This is a good place to start if you are looking for something designed specifically for the bikini line. It’s a straightforward and user-friendly device that doesn’t complicate matters with various modifications and attachments.

It’s a “pure” epilator – no razors, exfoliators or massagers. The price reflects it’s a budget-friendly bikini line epilator. A great choice!

The Conair Satiny Smooth can be plugged in or charged up for cordless use. You won’t have to worry if you forget about charging it up beforehand. 

  • Pro: It’s slim, small and swift for easy maneuvering when you’re first learning
  • Con: It doesn’t come with any “extras” or bonus attachments like many other devices do
  • Pro: It has fewer tweezer parts than other products, so gentler on bikini lines
  • Con: Because of its small size, you might find it more time-consuming should you wish to epilate larger areas of your body, like legs or arms although it is marketed as a total body epilator

Get More Info and Read Reviews Here

Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator, Wet & Dry Epilator – Best Epilator For Bikini Line Comfort

The Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator for Women is an all-singing, all-dancing device that includes an exfoliator, comb, shaver, and massager as well as 32 micro-ridged tweezers for the epilation part.

It has eight (yes, eight!!) different attachments for totally customizable hair removal from every part of the body you can think of.

You can use it wet or dry, and its ‘precision caps’ and rotating discs make it easier to target trickier areas like the bikini line.

As the name suggests, this is a prestige product – it even comes with a drawstring pouch to harbour all the bits and bobs. And the discs are high-quality ceramic. We also love the rose-gold colour! If there’s a Rolls-Royce of the epilation world, this is it.

  • Pro: The slimline handle is elegant, and easy to hold and to use
  • Con: Fine hair can be challenging
  • Pro: Has every attachment under the sun, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth, but…
  • Con: Has every attachment under the sun! New users or those just wanting a quick and simple option might find all the bits and pieces overwhelming or even a bit of a waste.
  • Pro: Includes a trimmer comb – perfect for trimming hair before epilating and handy to have when epilating your bikini area

Find Out What Others Have To Say

Braun Silk-épil 5 Epilator For Women – Best Bikini Epilator for Pain – with Bikini Trimmer

The Braun Silk-epil range of epilators has something to suit everyone. This one, the Braun Silk-épil 5 is a fantastic option for a bikini epilator. Similar to the Philips Satinelle, it uses cordless technology to give you range and flexibility with no annoying wires.

This one has 28 tweezers, and claims to remove hairs as short as 0.5mm. It comes with a shaver head and a ‘beginner cap’. It also has a high-frequency massage cap that holds or stretches the skin, helping to alleviate pain sensations.

Additionally, and more importantly for your bikini area, it comes with a bikini trimmer. This tool can be purchased on its own for around $25. You know you’re getting good value when you see it combined with an epilator.

This is a good middle ground option. You have a few add-ons to customize your experience, but a small enough number that it doesn’t get confusing.

It’s a little simpler than the Phillips Prestige, a little cheaper, and a little broader. It’s a good all-rounder, and well suited to those taking their first dip into epilating.

  • Pro: The specially designed ‘beginner caps’ are user-friendly and unintimidating.
  • Con: It’s designed for gentle hair removal, so might not be as effective on particularly coarse/thick hair.
  • Pro: The price means you won’t have too much buyer’s remorse if you decide epilation isn’t for you.
  • Con: New users might find it a bit bulky to hold.

Check Price and Read Reviews

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Braun Silk-épil 9 Epilator For Women – Best Overall Bikini Epilator

The Braun Silk-épil 9 epilator is “the next step up” from the Braun Silk-epil 5. It’s more attractive, more advanced, and just a little bit more of a strain on your wallet.

It has ‘SensoSmart’ technology, where a little light comes on to indicate whether you’re applying the right pressure. A very useful feature for newbie epilators who are still learning the knack.

Pressure plays a role in how much you’ll feel the pinch of the tiny tweezers. You’ll also need to vary it depending on which area of the body you’re targeting.

Like the Phillips model, it can be used either wet or dry. It also comes with additional parts: trimmer, massager, shaver, and caps. This one is a rechargeable cordless device, and it’s quicker to charge than the Phillips Prestige (1 hour as opposed to 1.5).

  • Pro: The added guiding technology makes it a great option for less experienced epilators
  • Con: It has a wider head. So although it’s a great option for larger areas, it might be tricky to use it on more intimate ones.
  • Pro: It looks the part, with rose gold edges, shimmery handle and fancy lights
  • Con: The cost will pinch if you use it once and decide it’s not for you. This might be one for more experienced epilators, when you know you’ll be committing to it long term.

Read Our Full Review on the Braun Silk-épil 9 Here


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Best Bikini Epilators Recap


Braun Silk épil 9 SensoSmart Wet and Dry Epilator with Attachments

Best Overall Epilator For Bikini Line - Full Body


Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Total Body Epilator

Best CHEAP Epilator for Bikini Line


Philips Satinelle Prestige Epilator For Women

Best Bikini Epilator with Skin Care System


Braun Silk épil 5 Epilator For Women With Bikini Trimmer

Best Bikini Epilator for Sensitive Skin

Final Thoughts on The Best Epilators for Bikini Line

The experience you have with epilation, and the results you get out of it, are dependent on more factors than other hair removal methods.

It’s worth doing your research (we hope this article has given you a jump-start!). Reading the manuals, and perhaps watching a YouTube tutorial or two is recommended before you get down to it.

With epilation, you get out what you put in. Investing in one of the best epilators for your bikini line and taking the time to practice will enhance your experience hugely.

Epilating your bikini area will give effective results with a good device and without the harshness of razors or the messiness of wax.

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Best Facial Epilator: Top 5 For Use on Your Face (Specifically)

top epilators for face

Unwanted facial hair – Ugh! It’s such a drag and really a worldwide problem, especially among women.

In fact, getting rid of it has always been an annoyance. It’s time-consuming and indeed can be expensive. It has, however, been made so much easier with the invention of facial epilators.

You have quite a bit of choice when it comes to choosing an epilator, but before we get started, it’s worth noting that the epilators we’re looking at here are specifically for removing facial hair.

The alternative to these are the epilators you can find for use on both face and body.

While you might think a multi-purpose epilator could save you some money, they tend to be bigger and sometimes bulkier devices than the mini type ones we’re looking at here.

It does depend of course on what will suit you best and here we’ll try and help you decide what is the best epilator for your face.

The Top 5 Facial Epilators We’re Going to Look At

Some of the questions we’ll cover here are

  • What’s the best facial epilator for coarse or short hair?
  • What’s the best epilator for sensitive skin?
  • Which epilator is the cheapest or the best value?
  • Is there a Braun or an Emjoi epilator for facial hair?
  • Should you buy a mini facial epilator or will a face and body epilator work?
  • What is the best-rated epilator for facial hair?

No. 1. Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 Facial Epilator – Best Rated For All Hair Types

braun face epilator

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Braun is one of the best and most well-known brands for all-over-body hair removal products. So you can be assured that the Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 is an excellent quality product just like their Silk epil range of epilators for all-over body use.

The FaceSpa Pro 911 is an updated version of the Braun FaceSpa Pro 910.

It claims to be the world’s very first three-in-one beauty device for radiant, glowing skin, covering epilation, cleansing, and toning.

There are many skincare tools and brushes for cleansing and toning but nothing that includes getting rid of annoying facial hair, until now. Setting up the basics for a good skincare routine helps your make-up go on better and stay on longer.

The Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 removes hairs that are four times shorter than those extracted by waxing, hence offering you a smooth, clear complexion every single time.

Since the epilator works by removing hairs right from the root, it delivers three to four weeks of smooth skin, or even longer depending on hair growth rate.

An additional add-on, the MicroVibration head provides a kind of tapping effect on the skin. It is uniquely crafted from non-absorbing, smooth metal, and works with your serum or cream for better application and skin-toning effects.

You can even use it on its own for a nice relaxing massage experience.

A Note About Braun FaceSpa Epilators

** There are a couple of FaceSpa Pro epilator models available, some include skincare cleansing and toning tools. Make sure you check the individual model to see what exactly comes with the device. The FaceSpa Pro 911 has the toning device and the facial cleansing brush.**

Use For Exfoliation

As an alternative to using the FaceSpa Pro to remove hair on your face, simply switch heads and include the facial cleansing brush attachment as part of your skincare routine.

With hundreds of micro-oscillations, the exfoliation brush works to loosen and remove oil, make-up, and impurities and is up to 6-times more effective than manual cleansing according to Braun. If you’ve every only used manual cleansing, you’ll be surprised at how squeaky clean your face feels afterward. It really gives your pores a deep clean!

The device can be used wet or dry for easy use and cleaning. More interestingly, it has been tested with dermatologists as per the manufacturer and can be used daily, even on sensitive skin.

This electric facial epilator is suitable to remove chin hair, upper lip hair, on the forehead, and to help maintain eyebrows.

Another important feature of this facial epilator is the fact it is rechargeable. There’s no cord to worry about while using nor do you need to worry about replacing batteries which may also be more environmentally friendly.

You can use it with the cleansing brush in the shower or pop on the epilator head if you’ve time to kill while out and about, wherever is most convenient.


  • Multi-tasking tool for facial hair removal, exfoliation and skin toning
  • Highly effective cleansing facial brush
  • Tested by dermatologists
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • High-quality product
  • Wet or dry use
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Great battery life
  • Stylish pouch for storage
  • Comes with a stand
  • Best travel epilator for women


  • Doesn’t charge when on its stand


The Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 is an excellent choice and one of the best facial epilators if you are looking for a precise epilator to remove facial hair only.

The bi-directional tweezers make it easy to remove even stubborn hairs, making this a great choice for anyone with coarse hair. The exfoliation/cleansing brush is a great addition for glowing skin and because it is suitable for daily use, you get the best value when purchasing it.

The FaceSpa Pro is very efficient and a lot faster compared with other methods of facial hair removal. It has a classy, slim design and comes with a really nice zipped pouch to take both it and all its accessories, making it a fantastic travel epilator for women.

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No. 2. Gillette Venus Face Perfection – Women’s Compact Mini Facial Epilator

The first thing to note about the Gillette Venus Face Perfection epilator is the compact design. It’s neat, light-weight and slim. It’s so easy to handle and gives you absolute accuracy and control over those annoying face hairs.

The head is super-thin, offering ten micro-openings capable of removing even the finest hairs (0.02) with perfect precision. You can pick this up whenever you feel like it and get rid of any stray hairs on your face, you won’t have to grow them out any which is a bonus!

This baby has an amazing plucking speed at 10 thousand plucking motions per minute to remove hair right from the root. It’s much faster than using tweezers and will get you out the door in record time. It is effective for up to 4 weeks of delicious smoothness. If you spend a lot of time in front of a magnifying mirror, tweezing your facial hair, you won’t know yourself with the Face Perfection.

Getting rid of hair on the face can be quite uncomfortable because the skin here is really sensitive. You can of course find epilators for both face and body but some of them are quite bulky. The Gillette Venus design is especially for the delicate contours of the face. Its small head can easily roll over the hair on the upper lip, the chin, forehead and also help maintain eyebrows.

This gives you more convenience on-the-go being a battery-powered device, (batteries included). There are no cumbersome cords to deal with or the need to recharge. You’ll love this feature, especially if you travel. It also comes with a handy cleaning brush for easy cleaning after each use.

The Gillette Venus is a similar device to the Braun FaceSpa Pro. It’s cheaper than the FaceSpa since this is an epilator only and not a skincare system. The Braun is also a rechargeable model.


  • Fast facial hair removal tool – 10 thousand plucking motions per minute
  • Effective for up to 4 weeks of salon smooth skin
  • Convenient – use it at home or take it with you anywhere
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Catches short fine hairs – up to 4 times shorter than waxing
  • Very affordable


  • You’ll need to replace the batteries every so often


Sure, facial hair can be an embarrassment, especially when it’s a special occasion and you look in the mirror and spot a stray facial hair or two!

This facial hair remover offers everything you could possibly need for keeping those facial hairs in line.

So for a smoother, more beautiful face with little discomfort, practically no effort whatsoever, and at a great price, the very practical but elegant Gillette Venus Face Perfection Women’s Hair Remover fits the bill.

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No. 3. Emjoi Epi Slim eRase 18 Epilator – Best for Sensitive Skin and Good For Coarse Hair

The Epi Slim e18 epilator from Emjoi is a neat, compact device with 18 high-quality tweezers for smooth and perfect hair removal.

The tweezer arrangement allows for easy access and eradication of unwanted hair right from the root. They move at a system speed of 540-tweezer actions per second, which is pretty impressive!

You’ll notice the head of the Epi Slim is different from the coil epilation system used in the Epilady Gen 5 and also to the heads of both the Braun FaceSpa Pro and the Gillette Venus Face Perfection epilators.

All of them, however, are able to grab at the hairs to pull them right out from the hair follicles giving you smoother fuzz-free skin for up to four to six weeks.


Emjoi understands epilators and the Epi Slim incorporates some nice features designed to make the whole epilation experience as comfortable and as effective as possible.

The disc system used is a patented system. The arrangement and design of this system help to gently stretch the skin and reduce pain and irritation. When you hold the skin taut while using the device, it also helps to increase comfort.

Emjoi epilators appear to have a reputation for being less painful than some other epilators on the market judging from the research we’ve carried out, and it’s likely down to the disc arrangement.


Another feature that aids in achieving fast results is the Erase Glide and Skin Glide Technology.   This allows smooth gliding along the skin lifting hairs with no tugging or pulling.  The Epi Slim glides easily back and forth or in circular motions to remove the hair in a single swipe. The combination of the disc and Glide technology makes epilation a bit easier to handle.

Unlike the Braun FaceSpa Pro, for example, the Emjoi Epi Slim e18 is not designed solely to remove facial hair.

It is perfect for use on those sensitive and small body areas such as underarms and bikini line in addition to the chin, and upper lip. It’s even handy for toe hair! It’s small and super light-weight. It also works perfectly for touch-ups on the legs but honestly, to remove leg hair, you’d be better off with a different model or you could spend all day doing it!

The Emjoi Epi Slim e18 is a battery-operated epilator making it super portable. The whole device fits easily into any makeup or toiletry bag so you can pop it in your handbag and use it on the go wherever you are. Touch-up’s can be done if you’ve a few minutes to spare. It’s easy to use with just one speed setting. Unfortunately, although battery-powered, the batteries are not part of the purchase.

So to recap, the Emjoi Epi Slim is perfect to use on facial hair and removes peach fuzz as well as lip and chin hair but best not to use it on your eyebrows. It’s great for sensitive skin and can also be used for underarms and bikini line. It is a powerful epilator and removes coarse and thick hair too. Remember to always epilate on clean, dry skin for the best results and less pain. Epilation takes time to get used to and it will hurt, to begin with. But if you stick with it, you’ll find that hair grows back finer over time so you’ll have to epilate less often.

*Results vary by technique and usage pattern


  • Slim, compact design
  • Effective for facial hair, underarms and bikini area
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Effective for peach fuzz
  • Patented disc system for comfort
  • One speed setting
  • Available in different colors


  • Takes 2 AA batteries which are not included

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No. 4. Epilady Esthetic Generation 5 Facial Epilator For Women – Best for Peach Fuzz

When it comes to beauty tools, a brand synonymous with hair removal is of course Epilady. They invented epilation and revolutionized the hair removal market, bringing us the very first epilator for women back in 1986.

The original Epilady featured a coil epilation system and although they have brought out several other models over the years – the coil is back now with the Epilady Esthetic Generation 5. This is the only facial epilator in the world featuring this patented technology.

The Epilady esthetic is a simple, attractive looking hair removal tool. The design features a smaller, neater head which allows for more precise targeting. You can easily maneuver wherever you need to get to. It glides over the skin, pulling out hair from the root giving you smoother, hair-free skin for around 4 – 6 weeks. It is effective not only for upper lip hair but also chin hair, neck hair, sideburns, or that really annoying peach fuzz.

Move it in Small Circular Motions

It’s easy to use but for best results – it is important you follow directions. Hold the skin taut and move the device in small circular motions. This ensures you catch all hairs as hair does not grow uniformly! The front part of the epilator is designed to rest on your skin, ensuring the coiled head can do its job. It acts like lots of tiny tweezers, pulling out the hair as it goes.

The Epilady Esthetic Generation 5 works well for any skin type. It’s battery operated (2 x AA batteries required which are not included) and really handy to pop it into your bag for convenience. It also comes in a cute little carrying case.

Epilady recommends this for use on fine hair – it will remove other hair also, right from the hair follicle, but if you have really coarse hair, there are better options out there.

Remember that having a face epilator puts you in control of your facial hair. Don’t get caught in the light while out driving if you happen to look in your rearview mirror! This is a one time purchase and suits any skin type. It is best for peach fuzz and particularly suited for fine hair


  • Compact, slim design
  • From the inventors of the epilator
  • Simple to use
  • Small head for easy maneuverability around the face
  • Best for peach fuzz and fine hair
  • Comes with carrying pouch


  • Not effective for really coarse hair
  • Batteries not included

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No. 5. Bellabe Facial Hair Removal Tool -Effective and Budget-Friendly

The Bellabe has to be the most simple tool for facial hair removal EVER!

There’s not a lot to it. It is essentially a spring with a handle at each end. This is kind of like a manual epilator as opposed to an electrical one. Although not an epilator as such, it certainly gives effective results like an epilator since hair is pulled from the root and not just cut off.

To use the Bellabe for example, all you need to do is bend the spring into a U-shape and roll the handles in and out. This, in turn, rolls the spring where it grabs at the hairs simultaneously. There is a bit of a technique to get going and you will need to be patient, but once you try it a few times, you’ll have it mastered in no time.

It’s All About The Spring

There are similar products to the Bellabe online now but the key to getting fast, effective results is in the grip of the spring. This one is able to really get a good grip of the hairs and while you might have to roll over the same area a few times, it can be more because of the hair length as opposed to the fact it is not working.

  • Using the Bellabe Facial Hair Remover gives similar results to that of waxing or threading without having to grow out your face hair or having to make appointments.

  • If plucking is your thing, you can save yourself a lot of time every other day as results with this last for up to 4 weeks.

The Bellabe can be used on the upper lip, chin, cheeks, jaw and neckline. Some mini facial epilators are also useful to maintain eyebrows but don’t use the Bellabe around the eye area. This is also not recommended for use on any other body part, ie underarms or bikini area. The Emjoi Epi Slim e18 epilator is one that you can use to remove hair on areas other than the face.

Skip forward to 4m 35s to just watch the demo of this tool

All women have facial hair but whether yours grows normally or excessively due to menopause, PCOS or medication, the Bellabe does a pretty good job at removing all kinds of hair. It works well for thick hair or coarse chin hairs and furthermore it helps to reduce the coarseness of hair over time so it grows back finer and softer. It also grabs and effectively removes that dreaded peach fuzz.

The Bellabe facial tool can take some getting used to. If you are completely new to epilation or any practice where the hair is removed from the root – you will feel this. I’m confident you will also say it hurts!

If, on the other hand, you have used an epilator or waxed etc, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect. You may or may not find it a bit painful in the beginning but it only takes a few uses to acclimate.

The Bellabe is probably one of the best facial epilators for portability. It’s a nice and small hair removal tool and accordingly can easily fit into your makeup bag or purse. Indeed, there’s nothing else you need with this, not even batteries! Once you get the hang of using this, it’s easy to keep on top of those pesky chin hairs and tackle them as they sprout up. Consequently, you can forget about tweezing, waxing or salon appointments. This really cheap hair removal tool will remove your facial hair for a long time to come!

*Results vary by technique and usage pattern


  • Uncomplicated spring design
  • Easy to use and store
  • Made of hypoallergenic material
  • No batteries required
  • Removes coarse or thick hair
  • Budget facial epilator
  • Good for travel
  • Made in the USA


  • Can be painful
  • Not for precision hair removal

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Time is precious, so now you don’t have to spend hours tweezing those pesky hairs that seem to sprout up randomly on your chin overnight or go to the hassle of waxing your upper lip anymore.

Finally you have tools to help you, in an easy way at home, remove your facial hair quickly and conveniently. Not to mention the savings to be had in both time and money.

Hopefully you found something useful here and good luck with your hair removal!

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