About Us

Just Talk Beauty is a hub for beauty lovers who are looking for both good informative articles on all things beauty, as well as info on the latest news and trends in the beauty industry.

I decided to put this website together after researching skin care products for another project, as I just didn’t find a website that covered everything I was looking for.

I found some really great and very deep information on various beauty and skin care topics from blackheads to acne, but no suggestions or solutions offered as to what might help someone with these challenges.

Equally, I found websites with no real info apart from some images, good one’s I’ll admit but lacking information.  Additionally and what now seems to be a trend are personal blogs, often with the bloggers own musings along with what is currently happening in their lives.  These are quite often entertaining but not always the kind of site I am looking for.

There are tonnes of beauty products available now also from moisturizers to microdermabrasion machines so it’s even more important to be able to find the kind of information you need.  As an online shopper myself, and someone who has bought many beauty products over the years, as well as someone who loves a bargain, I always research before I buy something and if an item is expensive, I make sure I get as much information as I can.

My aim here and the focus of this site is to bring you both a good mix of info on everyday beauty and skin care topics as well as info on products that people find useful on the market today.

I hope you like this site, if you have any ideas or suggestions for articles, or something you’d like to see covered, feel free to get in touch – sue@justtalkbeauty.com

Have a great day!