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For a 5 minute treatment that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as reduce pore size, giving you fabulously beautiful, glowing and refreshed skin, look no further than the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Microdermabrasion System.

Skincare is having a big moment for sure! The full-coverage, heavy foundation matte look is out, and healthy, glowing, natural-looking skin, showing through your makeup is in.

The trick is having a complexion that’s clear and glowy enough to do away with our beloved cover-ups and concealers.

But how do you get there?

Enter microdermabrasion! And with a home system such as Trophy Skin MicrodermMD, it’s easier than ever to get results from the comfort of your own home.

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What Does Trophy Skin Do?

This skincare device uses a diamond tip to gently distress the very top layer of your skin, and suction away all the dead skin cells to reveal brighter, clearer, newer skin below.

But the benefits to your skin go beyond this. The gentle level of abrasion stimulates your skin cells for perpetually younger-looking skin.

Not only that, microdermabrasion increases collagen and elastin production, for anti-aging benefits and improved tone and texture. Furthermore, it works on longer-term damage such as sun damage, age spots, scarring, and pigmentation.

Finally, it’s one of the very few things that can help with the appearance of enlarged pores.

Exfoliation Treatment Just Like at the Spa

Professional Level Treatments Made Easy

Microdermabrasion is something that is usually administered by professionals. Anything that causes irritation to the skin must be handled with care. Plus the materials in the device must be medical-grade for safety and quality.

The Trophy Skin MicrodermMD device is designed to make professional-level technology accessible for home use.

It’s built from medical-grade materials, and has a diamond tip just like devices used in professional settings.

Trophy Skin Offer a 3 Year Warranty

A Closer Look At The MicrodermMD Device

This is a simply but attractive looking device and contains everything you need for a home microdermabrasion treatment in a compact unit. It was actually developed by dermatologists.

Its very user friendly and easy to operate. Simply plug it in and power on. Unlike other home machines where you might have to hold the full device in your hand, you’ll only need to hold the tube to use it.

What’s neat about this device is that you don’t need to be near a mirror to carry out a treatment. The mirror in the lid is magnified too so its really convenient if you find yourself in the car waiting around with time to kill.

Build-In Programs to Suit All Users and Skin Types

It comes with three modes – ‘auto’, ‘manual’, and ‘sensitive’.

The ‘auto’ setting is a 5-minute treatment designed to fit easily into your skincare routine. You might like to use ‘manual’ if you have some experience with at-home microdermabrasion, and want to target specific areas.

However, one of the best things about this product is the ‘sensitive’ mode – a lower suction setting that is ideal for the uninitiated, or those with easily irritated skin.

This combination of quality and gentleness is Trophy’ Skins USP. It even has a tutorial mode to guide you as you go, as well as a full instruction manual.

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Is Everything Included with Trophy Skin MicrodermMD?

With home microdermabrasion machines, you’ll need to change the filter after every use and Microderm MD is no different.

Reason being, you’ll get a build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum that you definitely won’t want to be putting back into your skin! In fact, some users reported cleaning as you go for this very reason!

Some devices only come with a few filters, but Trophy Skin MicrodermMD comes with 100, which should easily last you a year if you use the device twice a week.

Considering a years’ worth of professional microdermabrasion treatments can run well into the £100s or even £1000s, that’s definitely value for money!

Because the tip is made of diamonds too, you’re likely to get many months of use out of it before it wears down and needs replacing.

You also get two extra tips – a blackhead extractor and a pore infusion tip. This allows you the 360 experience of a first-class facial, and gives you the tools to target specific problem areas.

Clinically Proven to Reduce The Appearance of Wrinkles

How to use Trophy Skin MicrodermMD

  1. The Microderm device should be used on clean, dry skin.
  2. Press the power button, followed by the mode you’d like to use. You have 3 to choose from.
  3. The LCD screen will display instructions for use, including a timer to show you how long to spend on each section of your face.
  4. Traverse your skin with the device in one hand, using your free hand to support the skin and prevent dragging. Use short, even strokes.
  5. Pull the tip off your skin in a gentle, rolling motion, as opposed to pulling it straight off at a 90 degree angle (this reduces stress on your capillaries and blood vessels).
  6. Don’t go over the same area twice to ensure you don’t over-abrase your skin.
  7. When you’ve covered the whole of your face, rinse your skin with warm water to remove any debris
  8. Finish your treatment with a serum or moisturizer to nourish the skin after deep exfoliation and replace any lost moisture.

Who is Trophy Skin MicrodermMD For?

This device is a great solution for those of us who can’t seem to get anywhere with topical solutions.

AHAs, BHAs and retinols work similarly by disturbing that top dermal layer to reveal shiny skin below. Nonetheless, some people find they aren’t strong enough or take months upon months to start working.

Additionally, the Trophy Skin Microderm machine is suitable for all skin types and tones – even sensitive skin.

It will appeal to you and you’ll want to give this a serious look:

  • If you’ve had professional microdermabrasion treatments but are fed up paying through the nose
  • If creams and lotions just aren’t cutting it
  • If you want to cut down on wearing foundation
  • If you’re self-conscious about skin-related issues like fine lines, uneven texture, scarring, or pigmentation

Quick Demo of Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion Device in Action

Is Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Worth the Money?

The answer to this comes down to two comparisons:

Firstly: Professional Microdermabrasion

An average salon treatment costs around $60. For the best possible results, you need to start with bi-weekly sessions, switching down to monthly sessions for maintenance after 2-3 months. Let’s say that’s 14 sessions a year. That will cost you around $840, plus the time you’ll spend with appointments as well as traveling to and from.

Second Comparison: To Cheaper At-Home Microdermabrasion Machines

The Trophy Skin MicrodermMD device is not the most expensive home system but it’s also not the lowest price out there. You can pick up cheaper devices from Amazon for less. Many of the cheaper devices available may have similar suction powers, and may look the part too. But – when it comes to at-home beauty tech, the value always lies with the build quality. The diamond tip of the Trophy Skin MD and the LED display with its extensive guidance really set it apart from the more basic options.

Finally, it’s the only device with a dedicated ‘sensitive’ setting. Some devices may have weaker suction power overall, or come with less abrasive tips. This one however, is specially formulated so that those with easily irritated skin don’t have to miss out.

It constantly tops the ‘best’ lists and review boards, so whether you’re new to microdermabrasion or a seasoned pro, this one is worth your money.

Why Buy?

Trophy Skin’s customer service deserves commendation. They regularly answer questions users have over on Amazon but they are also easily contactable by phone and email. They responded almost immediately to my questions.

Online chat is another option available at the Trophy Skin Website. It’s helpful to know when spending this kind of money that help is on hand should you need it.

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