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BoSidin Hair Removal Device Review – Advanced IPL For Face and Body

BoSiden Laser Hair Removal

The BoSidin Hair Removal Device is a glamorous looking teal and gold creation. Interestingly, BoSidin is the first to utilize medical-grade technology in an at-home hair removal device. BoSidin also say this device is painless and permanent.

The clever thing about BoSidin is that they thought to consult with medical beauty experts at Stanford University in order to create something more effective and more targeted than other devices on the market.

It even won the Red Dot Award for 2020, a prestigious German prize that celebrates excellence in product design.

But it doesn’t just look the part. This BoSidin device incorporates a skin rejuvenation attachment. ‘Motion Depi’ technology distributes light across the whole treatment window. Furthermore, the “Dynamic Cooling Device” chills your skin to bring down pain levels (more on all these later).

These are some pretty dazzling credentials, but what we want to explore is: what is the home user experience actually like? Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at why this product is not your average hair removal device…

2-in-1 Beauty Device – Hair Removal AND Beauty Tool

This is not only a hair removal device – You can stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkles too !

What Makes BoSidin Different?

Is it a Laser or IPL Device?

You would expect, from a very premium-looking beauty tool, that this is a top brand. Conversely, BoSidin is a relatively unknown name. It’s entrance to the market puts it in direct competition with major beauty names like Philips and Braun, who have been prolific in bringing hair removal devices to the market for over a decade.

The type of light technology it uses is the main thing that differentiates the BoSidin hair removal device from these tried-and-trusted brands.

Although there are some home lasers, most at-home hair removal devices use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). BoSidin, on the other hand, uses OPT which stands for Optimal Light Pulse Technology – a more advanced form of IPL.

How OPT Technology Works

OPT claims to streamline the active light that penetrates the hair follicle. It does this by filtering out 99% of the light that can’t get in. IPL doesn’t have this filter, meaning light can ‘escape’ the intended course and scatter across the skin. This is actually what causes irritation during the hair removal process.

BoSidin also use Continuous Pulse Technology which divides the light into shorter, lower-intensity pulses. In short, this all means it’s designed not only to be gentler on your skin, but more effective too.

It’s a 2 in 1 Device – Reduce Wrinkles Too!

Yes, you read that right – this device has a double function. Not only does it remove body hair, but it is also an advanced skin rejuvenation tool.

IPL has long been used for vascular and pigment therapy but slowing down the signs of aging is another major use. The OPT light source used in this BoSidin device penetrates the deeper layers of skin to stimulate and activate collagen. Thus wrinkles are reduced and skin tone improves, resulting in brighter, firmer skin.

How To Use BoSidin Hair Removal Device

So that’s the science-y part out of the way, but it can be hard to know if it’s actual science or just marketing bumf. So let’s get on to what it’s really like to use it at home.

BoSidin Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Shave

Firstly, as with any home ipl or laser hair removal, you must shave first. This flattens the top end of the hair that sits at the surface level of your skin, and means the light will travel down into the follicle and not up the hair shaft, where it may be wasted at best, and scatter and cause damage at worst.

  1. Select your mode

Once you’ve plugged it in, you’ll see the lights come on. The BoSidin device comes with 6 different modes – 5 correspond to different areas of the body like legs, face, arms, underarms and bikini line, and the 6th is the SR Photon Therapy mode (which we’ll come to). Select the area you want to work on by scrolling through with the central gold button.

  1. Activate the DCD

If you have a low pain tolerance (or just want to treat yourself) you can activate the Dynamic Cooling Device by pressing the button that looks like a snowflake. This cools the area around the window, thus reducing your sensitivity to the feeling, (which is comparable to the snap of a rubber band, apparently ).

  1. Apply to the skin

Due to the innovative CPT (Continuous Pulse Technology), you don’t have to press a button or pull a trigger to activate the flash, just move in across the skin, pausing for 1-2 seconds each time to allow the flash to activate. As you go, you can rotate the head to help you reach the more fiddly areas. The whole part (head) attached to the handle moves so is completely adjustable for your comfort.

Skin Rejuvenation Mode

To use the SR mode, remove the sensitive head and attach the SR beauty head. Use it in exactly the same way as you would the hair removal function, by moving it gradually across the skin.

This technology uses infrared light to penetrate different layers of the skin to give you a ‘photo facial’. It reduces wrinkles, treats blemishes, and lends a cleaner, tighter look to your skin. Bonus!

Thoughts on Home Use:

Firstly, the CPT makes the use of this device a whole lot more efficient than an IPL device. You’re working to 2 seconds instead of 3, which doesn’t sound like much on its own, but it reduces the overall hair removal time by a third!

Secondly, the rotating head is an ingenious way to use one device for several different areas. This adds even more to the efficiency, which is a huge perk if you don’t want to spend hours out of your month on hair removal.

Is Hair Removal Permanent With The BoSidin device?

IPL and laser hair removal devices target hairs in the anagen phase of growth – otherwise known as the growing phase. They should remove around 90% of visible hairs.

However, after a week or two, you’ll see new hair growing through. This doesn’t mean it didn’t work – these are hairs that were in the ‘telogen’ – or resting – phase when you started. So, to pursue permanent hair removal, you’ll need to use this device once a week for at least 8 weeks to start seeing lasting results.

Although you’ll often see the words ‘permanent hair removal’ in epilation device descriptions, it should be noted that only electrolysis is classed as 100% permanent by the FDA.

Think of it more as a dramatic reduction in the density and coverage of hair. You can realistically expect it to target around 90% of hairs, but you’ll likely need to top up every month or so to keep those telogen-phase hairs at bay.

The good news is, the BoSidin hair removal device comes pre-loaded with 500,000 flashes. This is way beyond the amount you’ll need before you don’t have to use it any longer.

Medical Grade Hair Removal System

Fully Cleared by the FDA for Home Use

Where To Use the BoSidin Hair Removal Device?

The specific design of the BoSidin device is for multi-area use so includes several modes to suit.

The modes for face and bikini line use the lowest frequencies, and so are suitable for sensitive areas.

The arm and leg modes are more powerful, enabling quick coverage of larger areas.

The neat thing about this device is you can select which area you want to treat with just a tap on the LCD screen. Additionally, you have the option of choosing the severity level from 1 to 6.

Is the BoSidin Suitable for Darker Skin Tones?

We’ve given this device a lot of high praise but it is the real deal, especially if you’ve previously been excluded from the IPL or laser hair removal club due to a low skin/hair contrast.

Because the OPT technology in the BoSidin device filters out harmful/unused light, it doesn’t need to be attracted to pigment (in the way IPL does) to avoid harming your skin. This means the device can be used on 95% (yes – 95!) of skin tones. It’s only unsafe for the very darkest tones.

Final Thoughts – Is the BoSidin Hair Removal Device Worth the Money?

When it comes to the huge range of methods for removing body hair, the one that’s right for you will depend on your skin type, hair type, schedule, and (most importantly!) pain tolerance. But if we’re talking solely about value for money, you can’t really beat the BoSidin for return on investment.

The price tag is higher than several other devices on the market, but there isn’t any comparable device. If you think of it this way, you’re getting powerful, time-saving, clinic-grade technology that you won’t find in any other device. AND a built-in photo-facial function for professional-level skin rejuvenation. If you regularly spend a lot on salon visits, this device can kill two birds with one stone. You’ll save a fortune, not to mention the results you can expect.

The BoSidin is a no-brainer if you’ve darker skin. BoSidin have worked hard to ensure most of its customers are not excluded. And the ‘Motion Depi’ technology targets the whole area, not just the area in the center of the window. The perks really do go on and on.

It can be tempting to try out lower-end IPL devices if you’re just getting started or don’t want to part with too much cash. But many users have come to the BoSidin hair removal device after being dissatisfied with cheaper options.

When it comes to beauty technology, you’ll often find you save money by going straight to the product most likely to work, and cutting out the middlemen.

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  1. I bought the Bosidin device six months ago — best purchase ever! I LOVE it. At this point, only occasional touch-ups are needed on my legs and face.

    I haven’t been using the Skin Rejuvenation mode, but will definitely start after reading this article.

  2. I’ve been using the Biosidin for 3 weeks and I’ve seen no results. I’m a Hispanic woman with dark brown hair and medium toned skin. I’m so disappointed!

    1. Bosiden say their technology has expanded the treatment range of dark skin to 95% – it is only extremely dark skin tones that this will not work for. I suggest you reach out to Bosiden, perhaps send a photo and they will be able to advise you further.

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