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When researching home laser hair removal devices, the Tria Laser 4X is one you’re likely to come across every time. Tria utilizes real laser technology and was the very first at-home system to win FDA approval. This is despite the fact it is considerably more powerful than your average device.

A majority of home devices, although marketed as home lasers actually use IPL or Intense Pulsed Light. You’ll find the terms laser and IPL are often used interchangeably, especially in product descriptions. To clarify, Tria laser 4x is a true home laser hair removal device and does not use intense pulsed light.

In this review, we’re looking at the Tria 4X. We’ve put together some of the frequently asked questions we’ve come across to help you evaluate if it’s the right home hair removal system for you.

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Is Tria Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The first thing people want to know before parting with their hard-earned cash for one of these home units is if the Tria 4X laser will deliver permanent results.

It’s important to realize that laser hair removal, in general, is not technically permanent, but it’s about as close to it as you can get. It’s best to think of it as permanent hair reduction rather than an instant eraser.

You’ll see the most dramatic results in the first few weeks of use, where the majority of hair is targeted and begins to fall out. In this respect, the destruction of individual follicles is permanent, and the hair will not grow back. However, it will take some time to target all of the hair follicles, especially as hairs grow in different phases. Some will be dormant or ‘resting’ when you first start treatment.

It’s irrelevant whether you opt for a home laser hair remover or attend a salon for laser treatment, hairs will need at least 3 zaps to destroy the follicle and stop growing back.

What kind of laser does Tria 4X use?

Unlike the vast majority of at-home devices that tend to use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), the Tria Laser 4X uses a diode laser. This is the same technology that dermatologists use in professional settings. Frankly, it is the most powerful technology you can access from your bedroom. The Tria’s energy output is 20 joules per cm² – in comparison to Philips IPL devices that max out at 6. That’s a lot of power for getting rid of hair!

How long does the Tria 4X last? How many zaps does it have?

The Tria 4x Laser comes preloaded with 90,000 flashes or “zaps”. Although it’s possible to find some devices in the mid 100,000s, these are likely to be IPL based devices, and so are much less powerful.

90,000 flashes mean 90,000 times you get to target your hair follicles, so either way, it’s enough to last for years and for some, a lifetime.

Does the Tria Laser 4X Work?

The Tria 4X laser hair remover is a gadget you’ll see popping up time and time again in ‘best product’ lists. Some of the major beauty media players such as Cosmopolitan, Healthline, and Women’s Health have all endorsed it. It’s no surprise, considering it’s significantly more powerful than even big-name brands like Philips and Silk’n.

The technology speaks for itself. It is real laser and you will see visible results after just 2 sessions. Furthermore, the independent reviews lend a lot of credibility to the Tria Beauty 4X and help to instill the confidence you need to make the investment.

Is Tria 4X Laser Safe?

Firstly, any product approved by the FDA is guaranteed to be 100% safe. New electronic devices to the market must undergo rigorous checks and testing to ensure they won’t feasibly cause any harm to the user. Don’t forget that laser is serious technology and will be in the hands of home users so FDA approval is huge.

That said, there is one thing you must be sure of before using the Tria 4X laser as it doesn’t suit absolutely everyone.

The contrast between hair and skin is absolutely essential for the device to work. This is because laser hair removal works by the laser being drawn to the pigment (or melanin) in your hair. If your hair and skin are similar colors, the laser will not be able to detect the hair, and the light energy will scatter across your skin, potentially causing burns or blisters.

Those with light skin and dark hair are the best candidates for laser as there’s is a good contrast between colors. Those with grey, red or blonde hair are usually not able to use laser hair removal – either at home or in a salon. Even people with very dark skin tend not to be able to use laser.

Another feature to ensure the user’s safety is a locking feature. When you hold the device to your skin, it will only “unlock” if it’s safe to go ahead.

Does Tria Laser Hurt?

If you’ve experimented with a few different hair removal methods in your time, you’re probably aware that it’s difficult to find one that’s completely pain-free!

With laser hair removal, a laser beam or single wavelength of light is sent down the hair follicle. When it gets to the bottom or the hair bulb, it has nowhere else to go so it kind of explodes (layman’s terms) damaging the follicle. You will feel some kind of sensation as this is heat energy.

Due to the strength of the diode technology the Tria Laser 4X uses, some users may find it to be slightly more painful than IPL-based devices. Some users describe the sensation like the snap of a rubber band against the skin. However, it’s safe to say this device is considerably less painful than waxing or threading. The trade-off is the time it takes.

Waxing is undoubtedly painful, but a broad area can be done in 10-20 minutes. A session with Tria Laser can only last 30 minutes as this is how long the battery lasts. You can see how it will take a number of sessions to cover a large area especially given the window is smaller than many IPL devices. A larger window may well be a more attractive feature but it would also be a lot more painful!

The upside is that you can carry out your laser treatments while watching TV, in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You’re also likely to become accustomed to the sensation as you go along.

Can you use the Tria Laser on pubic hair?

You can certainly use Tria Laser 4x on pubic hair on the bikini line. Apart from that, it is not suitable to use on the wider genital area. The pubic area is highly sensitive, furthermore, hair can be thicker here. Additionally, skin tone can be darker here too. To ensure your safety, always follow the manufacturers’ instructions and do not use it in the general pubic area.

Can you use the Tria 4x Laser on the face?

The answer is yes, you can absolutely use Tria Laser 4x on the face. The small head makes it ideal for use around the cheeks, jaw, and upper lip. But if facial hair is your main concern, you might well want to check out the Tria Precision. This uses the same laser tech but it is a totally different shaped device. It’s lighter and smaller, as well as easier to hold. It is ideal for targeting smaller areas like the face, underarms, and bikini line.

How to Use Tria Laser 4X

  • Before using the Tria 4X, a patch test is recommended. This really consists of using the device on a small area, following directions in the instruction booklet. Wait for 24 hrs to check your skin to see how it reacts. Bear in mind there could be some slight redness.
  • The first step is to charge your Tria device. Allow 40 minutes for a full charge which will give you 30 minutes of power.
  • Tria works best on clean skin so make sure to cleanse and shave the area you want to begin with.
  • Press the power button located on the top on the device.
  • Hold the bottom of the device against your skin and wait for the device to unlock. This is a safety feature confirming the suitability of your hair and skin tone for Tria Laser.
  • Choose your power setting. Tria Laser 4X has 5 different settings from 1 to 5. The best advice if you are unsure what to expect is to start at a lower setting and work your way up. It is a good idea to use the device at the highest setting you can tolerate as this will ensure the best results.
  • Now you’re ready to go. Hold the device against your skin until the laser fires. You’ll hear two beeps, the second beep means the flash is complete.
  • Work methodically across the area, pausing for the second beep each time, and then moving onto the next patch. If the device buzzes, that means you took the head away before the flash was complete.
  • Because the hairs don’t fall out right away, it can be difficult to see where you’ve been. It’s best to work across the area in straight, continual lines. It’s also good practice to overlap sections slightly, to ensure nothing gets missed.
  • When you’re done, simply press and hold the power button at the top to turn the device off.

Tria has got you covered as to how many pulses or flashes to use on each area of the body per treatment. Their downloadable instruction booklet has a handy counter guide.

For example, to treat the bikini line, you spend 8-10 minutes per side spending 200 flashes for each side. For the upper lip, the recommendation is 25 flashes and just 2-3 minutes.

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How Often Should I use Tria Laser?

In order to dramatically reduce body hair, Tria recommends using the 4X laser once every two weeks to begin with. You can continue this practice for up to three months or until you reach a level of hair reduction you are happy with. You may be able to cut back your sessions to once a month or less and any hair that does grow back will be much finer, and more sparse.

Do you have to shave before using Tria 4X Laser?

As with all laser and IPL brands, the Tria Laser instructions tell you to shave first. It might seem counterintuitive to use one hair removal method before another, but there is a good reason.

In order to be effective, the laser needs to get to the root of the hair, deep inside the follicle. Shaving the hair gives it a much shorter distance to travel, and keeps the light energy focused downwards into the follicle, rather than up and out the tip of the hair. Furthermore, there is a risk of burning the skin if the hair was up and out of the follicle.

How Long do Results Last?

One of the main questions people have is what kind of results can you expect? Will hair grow back after laser?

We’ve already talked about the fact that laser is not classed as permanent hair removal. However, one of the great things about laser is the amount of time you will have smooth hair-free skin. With shaving, hairs grow back almost immediately and sometimes do not stay away for even 24 hours.

In one sense, results can be permanent from one use. Once a follicle has been destroyed, hair will not return to it. However, new hairs will appear over the coming weeks and months that weren’t present when you first started your treatment sessions. Nevertheless, over time, hair will stop growing back as each hair follicle is rendered useless.

Does Tria Laser have any Side Effects?

The most important thing to do to minimize any side effects and risks is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A detailed user manual comes with each device and covers everything you need to know about Tria Laser. Find out what to expect before your first treatment and how to carry one out. The benefits and risks, as well as how to take care of the laser device are all covered.

Providing you have checked your hair and skin tone against the safety guide, the Tria 4X Laser should work as directed. You may experience some redness to the skin, but this should go down within a couple of days. The built-in skin sensor will stop Tria from working if your skin tone is not suitable.

Tria 4X Laser Review: Your Suitability

SKIN – works on light to medium skin tones

HAIR – use on naturally brown or black hair

** will not work on white, grey, blond or red hair

To Conclude….Is it worth it?

As with the vast majority of beauty technology, the highest quality products often come with a hefty price tag. Prepare yourself to stick with the treatment program if your intention is to work on your legs. This is not an over-night solution. It will take consistency to obtain results. Of course, other body areas will not take so much time per session.

Online reviews are largely positive. Yes it costs more than a razor or an epilator.

But if you are committed to using laser to achieve dramatic, super long-lasting hair reduction, the Tria 4X laser is worth the investment.

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